Listen Listen 2020

LISTEN is a grassroots org that began in 2014 to spark and cultivate conversation around gender disparity in the Australian music industry. Since then, they’ve run two conferences, plenty of live music events, and panel discussions on topics like accessibility in music, addressing sexual harassment and assault in the industry, call out culture and so on.
I was lucky enough to be invited to create the artwork and event poster for the Listen Listen 2020 Conference which was to feature international keynotes from artists DJ Haram (Lebanon/USA) and Object Blue (China/UK), and local keynotes from Emma Donovan, Mojo Juju, Miss Blanks amongst many others.


“The LISTEN Conference 2020 will take place at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute on March 28 – 29. After five years of dedication and advocacy around addressing gender disparity in Australian music, LISTEN is ready to deepen conversations and move past 101 conversations of ‘diversity and inclusion’ that can easily become hollow and superficial branding tools. The 2020 conference features international and local artists for a range of ‘in conversation’ discussions, covering critical issues in Australian music and beyond. The conference will include artists and speakers from bands to the club, and run panels, workshops, and keynotes concurrently, prioritising First Nations speakers, POC, queer and gender diverse artists.”


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the conference had to be cancelled.
The above works show the experiments and omits the that the artworks went through for the final artworks. Experimenting with creating my own ‘chrome’ type was a fun experiment into new territory, even though it was never used in the end. The walkman from the original illustration was omitted out of the final poster to make the aesthetic relate to moving forwards in the music industry more, rather than looking back.